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How we built our facility's



Opening of the Animal Facility for mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits - first animals have arrived



Building high-standard laboratories with help of the European Fund.
Accepting commisions and successfully conducting lab tests for big international companies.



Building our team and broadening the spectrum of tests we are able to conduct.
First successfully prototype of an III class medical device.


Opening of our first lab room to prototype bio-medical devices

Our facility



A high-standard laboratory built in accordance to the newest European standards, where we perform our tests.

Animal Facility

Animal Facility

We created a place with the best living conditions for the lab animals in accordance to the strict European standards.

New Ideas

New Ideas

We support our customers in Research and Development using scientific experience and laboratory facilities.

Konmex Laboratories

Our lab specialises in pre-clinical tests in the medical device registration field. We provide services from the early stages of Research & Developement, Prototyping to biocompatibility testing.

Due to our high standard equipment we can do test efficiently and precisely. We have passed the GLP Good Laboratory Practice certification in 2017 and at every stage of testing we use methods in accordance to the recognised ISO, ASTM, AAMI, FDA standards and guidance.

Our team is built of experts in their fields, each with great experience and scientific knowledge - and a lot of curiosity!

Biomedical Laboratory

We support companies seeking to find a partner in biomedical testing, from the early stages of Research & Developement, Prototyping through tests necessary to register a new medical device or product.

We provide services of various medical devices factors in compliance with appropriate ASTM standards, ISO standards and appropriate AAMI and FDA guidance.

GLP Certified since 2017

We are proud to inform that Konmex Laboratories have got Good Laboratory Practice certificate (GLP) in 2017!

GLP is a quality assurance system required by law for non-clinical laboratory tests. Any in vitro or in vivo biological safety experiments or tests should be conducted in accordance with recognized Good Laboratory Practice regulations, and the data shall be evaluated by competent, informed professionals. Konmex Laboratories meet those requirements!

Animal Facility

Since 2018 we have opened a modern Animal Facility that was built in compliance with the highest European standards and innovative technology.
The Animal Facility houses and breeds various species: mice, rats, guinea pigs, and rabbits for our research. Mice, rats, and guinea pigs we are able to keep in individually ventilated cages (IVC) - this allows us to keep genetically-modified organisms (GMO) and conduct for instance oncological studies.
Our research capabilities are huge!